Mr. Mutembei Kigige


KTTI is a Technical Institute in Tigania West in Meru County. The Institute is at the periphery of Isiolo County, a region with high potential in tourism, industrial, renewable energy potential among others. Therefore the Institute serves a wide catchment area with high population density. We have positioned ourselves to be a center that will ensure the trainees Creativity and Innovativeness is utilized to deliver solutions to the challenges they encounter. We also look forward to pioneering the provision of Agriculture and Tourism studies region.

KTTI will not be left behind but will embrace the reforms in curriculum by the Ministry aimed at propelling the country toward Vision 2030 and achievement of the presidential “Big Four” Agenda through various courses and innovations. We also ensure proper mix of both soft and hard skills in facilitating, enhancing and promoting technical training and research with stakeholders to develop an ICT compliant manpower for sustainable development. KTTI will integrate ST & I in its training programmes and partner with industry with a view to fostering flexibility and provision of skills that are relevant to the emerging global technological trends. To add to that, our trainees participate in Science, Technological and innovation projects that is geared towards realization of Vision 2030 and beyond.

Mr. Matthews Nkarichia Kangoria, Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you’ll be interested with our offers in Karumo TTI. Discipline and performance is our key area where we make every student valuable by instilling good morals and all round competencies that will propel them to fit and serve in industries towards vision 2030 achievement.

Welcome and be part of this great fraternity.


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